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“I first met the owner of Dirt Detectives LLC in August of 2016.  She approached me regarding her company providing the cleaning services for the apartment complex where I worked as Facility Manager.  I was extremely impressed with the professional manner in which she represented her company. She assured me that her company could handle all of our cleaning needs at a very competitive price.

I hired Dirt Detectives LLC and never for a moment regretted it. The owner proved to be a woman of her word and delivered exactly what she promised and more. I cannot say enough about her integrity and professionalism and the dedication and professionalism of her team. I was never disappointed in the quality of the work provided. They always arrived on time and got the job done.

I have since left the apartment complex to pursue other interests. If the owner expands her business out of state, I would hire her company Dirt Detectives LLC without hesitation.”

Bryan Stokes – Area Manager
GDI Integrated Facility Services
August 2017

“I completely recommend Dirt Detectives LLC for all your cleaning needs. I’ve had the chance to get to know the owner, and I can say without a doubt that she is a person of very good moral character who operates with integrity.

The owner and her team of dirt detectives are dedicated and professional. She works closely with her team to ensure specifications are met.

Since I have been using their services I have never been disappointed in the quality of their work. They truly go above and beyond. They show up on time every time. They are quick, efficient, thorough, and very reasonably priced.”

Robert Szabla – Maintenance Director
Chimney Hill Apartments
February 2018

Their character, incredible work ethic, professionalism, honesty, motivation, and ambition is over and above any janitorial company that I’ve hired in the past.  The owner ensures that their work is a testament to her company’s slogan, “We get down and dirty, so you don’t have to”. I have nothing, but the utmost respect for the owner and her cleaning crew.  They have cleaned my home for the last 2 years and I’ve had nothing, but praise for Dirt Detectives. They are thorough and get into every crevice, corner, and nook.  The quality of work is impeccable.

The owner is dedicated to her business and ensures her clients are very happy customers.   Dirt Detectives is definitely a cleaning and janitorial company that I would recommend for any business or private home.  You will not be disappointed.  I greatly appreciate the commitment, dedication, and services that the owner and her team of  Dirt Detectives have provided to me and my family.”

Lucy Inge
May 2019

“We have been using Dirt Detectives weekly for the last 2 months and I have nothing but positive things to say about the company and the owner. When I called her, I was desperate for help as we were listing our home for sale. She met with me within 48 hours, did an assessment, identified what I wanted done, and gave me a (more than) fair price. There is a clear pride in her company and the services they provide. From the first time she was in our home, she was focused on every little thing. I literally had other tradespeople in my home who asked for her card and have used her since. Dirt Detectives is a professional, client-oriented company who provide quality service. I would (and have) recommended them to all my friends and family.”

Michelle Anderson and William Hasler
Plymouth, MI
July 2021

“Dirt Detectives have been cleaning my home for a year and a half, and I could not be happier with the service they provide. The owner does random follow-up checks to make sure quality work is being provided. I would recommend Dirt Detectives LLC. They are truly an upscale cleaning company.”

DaWana Johnson
July 2021